Tours in the Danube Delta are organized by S.C. Caiac Delta Dunarii SRL, company owned by Mihai Dragoş Balea. Dragos has had since childhood the opportunity to meet and to love nature, on long trips through the mountains and forests of Maramures, where he grew up. After his first experience with the kayak in the Danube Delta, many years ago, Dragoş fell in love with this unique area in Europe. Thus, it occurred to him to share these experiences with others and at the same time to promote a type of tourism that benefits the Reservation and its inhabitants.

Graduate of the Faculty of Geography and of the Faculty of Cartography, he has been a topographer and cartographer for a long time, first in Romania and then abroad. Thus he has gathered the necessary resources to return to the country and set up the company. The Danube Delta Kayak has all the necessary permits for the operation and organization of tours on the entire Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

Tours organized by us give you the chance to explore, experience and truly understand how man’s livelihood is in communion with nature in the Danube Delta. We will spend the days of roaming peacefully, without disturbing the environment.

Thus, we will see the wild delta in all its splendour, and we will observe closely the behavior of wild animals, but also the lifestyle of people, the hardships and the beauty of life in an endangered world, due to the increasing impact of man on nature.

In all the tours with kayaks in the Delta, I have always had the chance to observe almost all the bird species found here, but also a lot of mammals and reptiles such as the jackal, wild boar, the famous wildlife of the Delta, which In fact, they are wild horses, the enot dog, the otter, the wild cat, and various species of snakes.

On some occasions, fortunately more and more, in the spring tours in particular, sea-going at sea we join dolphins. It is an unforgettable show when you see hundreds of pelicans who, as if they were one organism, fish together with as much fun as thousands of giant storks lay above you, a wild sow growls out of a bush with a host of ……. warning you not to get close. The wild cats look at you silently from the trees, almost camouflaged. In the evening in the tent the yawn of the jackals barks you, and during the day you can admire the magnificence of a wild horses herd. All of this have been common during kayaking in the Danube Delta.

For a kayak adventure, the guide is essential.
The guide picks out the best trails, identifies wildlife, organizes camps, helps load the kayaks as efficiently as possible, repairs or replaces any damaged gear and intervenes in emergency situations. All the guides will share with you all their knowledge of the delta, they will teach you how to learn the skills needed for kayaking and camping.
For all the tours we have all the necessary equipment and drinking water, but also the Maramureş palinka on behalf of the house. Our team can help you with logistics for food supplies. In addition, we provide crockery, cheerful pots and pots with a tripod. Each participant will receive a clean sleeping bag, self-inflating isoprene mattresses, 2-person tents of the finest quality, 20L waterproof bags for personal items, a waterproof front and a telescope for observing wildlife.

Also, each participant will receive a life jacket that will have to be worn as long as we are on the water . The kayaks will be equipped with waves and a paddle. We will always have new recovery and towing lines for emergency situations, pumps for water evacuation and first aid kit. For these laps you only need a few things. A list of the mandatory personal items you need will be sent to each participant.

Safety is our number one priority for each turn. Kayaking trips in the Danube Delta are very safe as long as we observe some basic rules. Even if it’s your first kayak experience, hanging with us is very safe and very good for beginners, thanks to team experience and kayak quality.

At each tour , we will pull out the Delta entry permits for each participant. Your guide will make a sailing training safely for each participant.

Even in the case of overtaking a kayak, it is not dangerous because the Delta’s waters are generally warm and quiet from May to late autumn. The guide will have orientation, maps, GPS, and communication equipment in case of an emergency.

You will ride in high performance and stable kayaks and we will use the best equipment. Last but not least, we never start a tour unless weather forecast is favorable and weather conditions allow us to get on the road.

What’s next?
If the tours offered by us sound good for you but you still have questions, please contact us by email at:

  • or by phone at 0040757107617

We will respond as soon as possible.
We look forward to hearing from you!