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Durata: 8 zile

Difficulty: advanced

Distance: 108 km


  • Uzlina
  • sacel Lake
  • Isac Lake
  • Caraorman Grind
  • Puiulet and Puiu Lakes
  • Erenciuc Lake
  • Sf Gheorghe
  • Sacalin Bay

Day 1

The tour will begin in Mahmudia at 9am.

We’ll start by doing the paddle training safely. Participants will receive waterproof bags for kayaking the personal luggage and equipment we offer. Every participant in this tour will carry his luggage and food in the kayak ; optionally we will be able to load them in the boat.

After all these preparations, we will say goodbye to civilization and we will set out on the Danube towards Uzlina. During the day we take breaks for relaxation, photo sessions, snacks. Near Uzlina we will stop and, after we unload the luggage from the kayak, we will install our first camp and prepare dinner together.

Rowing distance: about 20 kilometres

Day 2

We have breakfast, gather the camp, we load the kayaks and we go.
We will leave the Danube for a few days to enter the Delta. During the day, we can stop to rest, take a dip and have lunch. Often, depending on the water level, we will not find dry places where we stop, so some snacks will be needed.

From the Uzlina channel, we enter Lake Isăcel, then Lake Isac, and we head towards Caraorman. Depending on the weather, we will choose the route together. We will travel with the kayaks on the most remote canals, where we will surely have the opportunity to admire the wild beauties of the Delta.

Arrived at Caraorman Grind, we gather the camp and prepare dinner together. So we can spend a relaxing evening around the fire.

Rowing distance : about 16 kilometres

Day 3

On the third day, we hang the kayaks in the nail and, after breakfast, take a walk up to the village, where we can get what we need (bonus: a cold beer).

We then take a stroll to the famous Caraorman Forest, the nature reserve with an area of 2,250 hectares of protected area included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of the Danube Delta National Park (Biosphere Reserve).

On the sandy terrain, with dunes up to 9 m high, of marine origin, an oak forest of over 30 m high has been developed. Striking branches and rich vegetation make such a shadow that there are even very dark places. These places gave the name of the forest (Black Forest). The presence of some species of vines and creepers gives this forest a subtropical look.

In the Caraorman Forest we encounter special places such as the “Fountain of the Hunters” where there is a 400-year-old oak with a trunk circumference of 4 m. The tree was called “Kneeling Oak” due to the branches that lay on the ground and thus provide nesting and feeding conditions for several migratory, passage or sedentary birds, such as: Haliaeetus albicilla, Corvus corax ) or black-billed (Dryocopus martius).

In the evening, we will organize a kayaking fishing session, which will be attended by anyone who wants to.

Walking distance – about 8 km.

Day 4

After breakfast, we gather the camp and we load kayaks, then we start on the wild canals to Puiuleţ and Puiu lakes.

We’ll take breaks and photo sessions along the way. We will have a longer break for lunch, and in the evening we will choose a camping site where we will set up the camp. Fishing enthusiasts can take a ride on pike lakes while preparing fish soup.

Rowing distance – about 18 km

Day 5

The fifth day will be the last of this tour we will spend in the Delta.

We wake up earlier, because our destination is the Black Sea. We prepare breakfast, prepare sandwiches for lunch, gather the camp and leave.

We row towards Sfantu Gheorghe. We cross Lake Puiu. Here we will be able to admire many birds. We continue on to Lake Erenciuc.

Lake Erenciuc is one of the most beautiful and interesting lakes of the Delta. Here, countless species of birds, from gray, yellow, night, dwarf, etc. to all egret species can be found here. In the Erenciuc Nature Reserve we meet black alder, the Delta being among the only areas in Europe where it grows.

On the Erenciuc Canal, we make slalom among the falling trees and go out to the Danube, where we take it down to the Black Sea. The Danube’s stream will help us after about two hours of paddling to end up with the shedding of St. George’s arm in the sea.
We go to the left and we advance depending on how calm the sea is. We camp on the fine sandy beach outside the village, where wild egg and horses still feel free.

Rowing distance – about 29 km.

Day 6

On the sixth day, our camp will remain the beach outside the village of Sf Gheorghe. The first part of the day does not have a program, everyone will wake up when they want.By noon we will take a stroll to St. George (one of the guides will stay at the camp with the things) we will go to the harbor and we will stop at a local or boarding-house to have lunch – we settle by mutual agreement where.

In the morning after noon, there will be a program – we will be able to walk on the beach and the surrounding area, relax on a terrace in the village or go to the beach. We can surf the kayaks on the sea, if the waves allow us, or sea fishing by kayaking, for the passionate.

We’ll relax all day, be ready for the next day.

Day 7

On the seventh day we will wake up early. Whoever wants to be resurrected in the waters of the sea. We’ll have breakfast, we’ll just feed the water and food and the necessary equipment for the day. One of the guides will stay at the camp.

We start on the sea to the Sacalin Peninsula. The Sacalin-Zătoane Complex (21,410 ha) is a special protection area within the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and it is important as a nesting place for 14 bird species: swans, limnicos (shelters the largest colony of terens in the reservation) . It is also a place of premigration and migration for about 100 species.
By noon, we will return to the camp.

Rowing distance – about 25 km.

Day 8

After a well-deserved night of rest, we will meet the last day of our shift.
You can leave the boat back to Tulcea or Mahmudia. If you want to stay at Sfantu Gheorghe, our base is in the village and we can accommodate you in camping conditions, or you can opt for a guesthouse in the village.


  • For transport from Tulcea or from any airport in the country, we can connect you with transport companies at reasonable prices.