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Duration: 6 zile

Difficulty: intermediar

Distance: 80km


  • Sfantu Gheorghe
  • Sacalim Bay
  • Sacalim Laguna
  • Gura Portitei
  • Dolosman’s Cape

Sfântu Gheorghe – Gura Portiței – Capul Doloșman

In this tour, we will sail both the sea and the Danube Delta. We will have the opportunity to observe a lot of diverse habitats from the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.

Every night, we’ll camp in a different place, always near wild beaches. In this tour we will know many of the birds and animals that live in the Danube Delta or the Black Sea. We will sail near the Sacalin Peninsula, where the largest colonies of terns and pelicans can be found , the peninsula being the main nesting, feeding and wintering area of these species.

This area has been declared a natural reservation, and the access of tourists is strictly forbidden. That’s why we will be quietly sailing without descending from kayaks, from where we will admire the beautiful scenery.

Maximum rowing distance – about 20 km / day

This tour is for tourists with a good physical condition and average camping experience. The paddle ride will have to be kept up , with about 5 hours a day spent in kayaking.

Day 1

Our team will wait for you at the port of Sfantu. Gheorghe. Once you arrive, we’ll take you to our village location. We can offer you camping conditions.

After you have accomodated – at our hostels or at the locals – we will take a walk through the village and to the sea, on the wild beaches around the village. On this day, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and review the latest details for the adventure that awaits us.

Day 2

Day two will start with a sailing boat safely. Then we will distribute the equipment and supplies, we’ll put everything in the kayak, and around 10 am, we’ll get on the road.

We will cross the Danube, and we will go into the Delta on some wild canals. After few hours ,before entering Sacalin Bay, we will reach our first camp site.

After lunch, those who have energy can take a short walk to Sacalin Bay, fishing or bathing, while one of the guides will help prepare for dinner.

Maximum rowing distance: about 12 km

Day 3

Day 3 will begin in the morning. This will be one of the most beautiful days, with incredible landscapes where the Black Sea meets the wilderness of the Delta. We’ll have breakfast, we’ll take the camp and load the luggage. At 9 o’clock, we’ll be on our way. We will have to respect a strict schedule so that we can enjoy breaks.

We get out of Sacalin Bay, we turn left, in the direction of Sfântu Gheorghe, and make a tour of the Sacalin Peninsula. The Sacalin peninsula is a “reservation within reservation” and access to its beaches is strictly forbidden. We make a small detour of the peninsula and we go back to shore, where we take lunch and rest. Rowing distance till lunchtime is about 12 km. After lunch we set sail towards Gura Portitei .

Towards the evening we camp near a wild beach where we make campfire and have dinner.

Bonus: Fruit brandy
Rowing distance: about 20 kilometres

Day 4

Depending on the weather and the waves, we will set the route of this day together. We have the option to roam the sea or take it to the Delta channels.

Throughout the day we will have the opportunity to admire the famous wild horses of the Delta and we will have the chance to be accompanied by dolphins, pelicans and other animals in the area while rowing. We will take breaks for taking photos, bathing, rest, snacks and kayaking for the keen ones. Towards the evening we will reach a wild canal where we will make our last camp on this trip.

Rowing distance: about 20 kilometres

Day 5

After breakfast, we gather the camp and go to Gura-Portiţei, where we will camp in the evening. We will choose the route to the destination together: by “pond” or by sea, depending on the size of the waves and the group preferences.

We will stop from place to place to pick up shells, to take photos to rest or to bathe. After the meal, once we have reached Gura-Portiţei, we prepare the camp . We will have the opportunity, after a few days in the wild, to cool down in the shade of a cold drink terrace.

Rowing distance: about 18 kilometres

Day 6

This will be the last day of the rafting trip. We will have breakfast, we will gather the camp and we will say goodbye to the Black Sea.

We start crossing Razim Lake to Dolosman Cape. The 125-hectare Cape Doloşman Nature Reserve is a limestone cliff that stretches over 3 km, with a maximum height of 29 m. It is the only rocky cliff on the Romanian coastline.

The total paddling distance is 10 km but we must strictly follow the program and be aware that we can not take any breaks until we reach Doloşman’s Cape.
Around 2 pm, our trip will end. At Doloşman’s Cape a car will be waiting for us to go to Tulcea or Mahmudia.


  • For transport from Tulcea or from any airport in the country, we can connect you with transport companies at reasonable prices.
  • Any tour can be changed. Both duration and route can be changed according to customer preferences. The tours presented are just examples of tourist itineraries in the Danube Delta. Please contact us for any questions and we will respond to you as soon as possible.