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Details about the tours organized by us with kayak in the Danube Delta

Kayak Trips in Danube Delta

Discover the beauty of the Delta from the Kayak

Situated between the Danube and the western part of the Black Sea, the Danube Delta is a unique ecosystem in the world, both aquatic and terrestrial, which occupies 2.5% of the country’s surface. The Delta is formed between the three channels of the Danube: Chilia, Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe. The lush vegetation between beams and canals houses a host of rare species of animals and plants, representing the widest and most compact area occupied by reed and huge plains, about 78% of the total extent.

The Danube Delta is also known as the “Paradise of the Birds”. Over 300 bird species migrate throughout the year, out of which 70 are extra-European, forming an exceptional ornithological fauna: colonies of bumblebees, storks, cormorants, pelicans, etc., including 10 species protected by law.

The Delta area generates a multitude of biological resources, placing it in third place of ecological importance among the 300 reservations around the world. It also represents a huge scientific laboratory for a large number of researchers and explorers: ecologists, biologists, zoologists, ornithologists, geologists, geographers, etc.

Delta’s canals are surrounded by reed and rush, and the waters are adorned with water lilies. Delta transfers visitors into a story world. The beautiful forests on the banks of the river contain shelter birds and bouquets of flowers, clusters and pastures that complete this mysterious paradise.

Navigating with the kayak on the canals that cross the Delta far and wide, you will always be accompanied by birds and other creatures. While paddling with us, we will learn together to penetrate into the secrets of the Delta, learn about migratory birds, marine animals, and other species living in and over the water.

Kayaks are organized especially for those fond of bird watching in their environment, but also for those who want to understand why the Danube Delta is such a special place.

The Danube Delta is a charming place to visit at least once in a lifetime and creates unforgettable memories. We invite you to discover with us this unique land in a unique way: out of kayaking, lost in the lush wilderness, in the tranquility of the regular sounds of oars.

We offer you a varied and flexible range of options, which can be changed according to your preferences and your available time.