The one day tour is an easy ride with a maximum rowing distance of 7 kilometres and 3-4 hours of canoeing a day. This is an easy ride and is suitable to kayak beginners and families with children.

The 2-day tour is an easy ride with a maximum rowing distance of 7 kilometres and 3-4 hours of canoeing a day. This is an easy ride and is suitable to kayak beginners and families with children.

The 4-day tour is an easy ride with a maximum rowing distance of 15 kilometres and 3-4 hours of canoeing a day. This is an easy to medium ride and is suitable to kayak beginners and families with children.

The 6-day tour is a mid-difficulty tour with a maximum rowing distance of 20 kilometres per day and 5-6 hours of canoeing a day. This tour is suitable for kayaks with an average camping experience.

The 8-day tour is a medium-to-heavy difficulty tour with a maximum rowing distance of 28 kilometres per day and 6-9 days of standing in the kayak. This tour is suitable for kayak people with an advanced degree of experience both in the camping and rowing.

Safety is the top priority for us. Even if you have never been with your kayak flying with us it is very safe. The Danube Delta is a labyrinth of 2680 square kilometres of canals and lakes bordered by virgin marshes and reed islands. It’s easy enough to get lost in this labyrinth especially for those who are in the Delta for the first time. Prior to commencing each shift, a detailed training on safe sailing will be done.

Everybody will have to wear all the time as we are in the kayak life jacket. Throughout the laps we will have first aid kayaks and kayak pumps. Always a support boat will be available if needed. We will have Walkie Talkie, GPS, detailed maps of the Danube Delta and compass for guidance. Our kayaks are very comfortable and stable and we have the best equipment. You will never be on the move if the weather conditions do not allow.

All tours take place with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 50 people. For any tour we reserve the right to modify the itinerary according to the hydroclimatic conditions.

We have Riot kayaks for one person or two according to the preferences. Single Kayaks are the Edge 14.5 model from Riot which is a long, highly manoeuvrable, particularly fast-moving kayak designed to travel as long as effortlessly. Adjustable leg rests and adjustable seat ensure maximum comfort. Two-person kayaks are the Riot Polarity 16.5 model.

One-person kayaks or two-person kayaks of choice, paddles, kayak waves, rescue jacket, 2-person Hannah tents, inflatable isoprene mattress, fresh washable sleeping bags, high performing telescopes for the observation of wildlife 20 litters waterproof bags for equipment loading, waterproof protections for telephones fishing pike pins (rods are for beginners and are not professional ) we bring with us a 8 or 10 L pot, dishes and tripod for cooking. During all tours permits for access and fishing will be issued from Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation. Food must be brought by you this is not found in our services but we can help you with the logistics both for cooking and buying good food for many days.

We do not offer clothing or footwear of any kind, sun protection creams , travel insurance, food during the trip, food or cooking cookers, chargers or accumulators of any kind Please take your personal equipment seriously once you get into the wild you can not take from nowhere what you lack.

Sandals are mandatory during summer tours while during spring and fall the footwear you can wear in the kayak is the small type of neoprene shoes . They will get wet several times during the day when we climb and descend from the kayak. The footwear should be suitable for descending and climbing in kayaking in small but muddy water if you do not risk losing them in the thick bank at the bottom of the channels.

Sunscreen creams are mandatory, we will spend many hours in shadeless kayaks. At the same time sunglasses and a hat are very important accessories to possess. When rowing cool long sleeve blouse and long pants are recommended during the day as you are in kayak. Fingerless gloves so you do not make bruises from the paddle while you’re rowing. A raincoat or waterproof jacket if needed is also recommended. Closed footwear for staying at the campfire during the evening and during moving tours is also mandatory.

You will need socks and a set of spare clothes for evenings and cooler nights. Please take into account the reduced space both for boats with a boat support and especially for full adventure tours where the support boat will not come with us. Ball pocks and all sorts of clubbing accessories are not needed in any of the tours we offer.

The climate of the Danube Delta is temperate continental, with pontic influences, individualizing itself as a deltaic topoclimate. This topoclimate is characterized by the smallest cloudiness in Romania, a great number of days with clear sky, the long duration of sunshine and, consequently, the highest amount of solar energy. Climate, as well as flora and fauna, is influenced by water coverage of the delta that exceeds 80% of its total area. Precipitations have the lowest values in the country, this does not mean we can not encounter rainy days, so we should have a jacket or raincoat on the equipment list. A list of the required equipment will be sent to the reservation, depending on the chosen route, to each participant.

We promote tourism that impacts as little as possible on the environment.
In all tours we will carry new garbage bags and each participant in the tour will take in the kayak part of the food and water for the group and part of the garbage generated by consumption which we throw at the first available container. We must always take care and not leave garbage behind.

It depends on the season but generally during the summer they can be quite irritating. During the day when the sun is in the sky and we row from the kayaks we have no problems with mosquitoes but tonight after sunset they can be quite stressful.

Daca intrebarea dumneavoastra nu se regaseste intre intrebarile din stanga, folositi formularul din stanga si va raspundem in cel mai scurt timp posibil.